1930’s bedroom styles

Bedrooms during 1930’s are not defined by a particular style. There were some factors that influenced that age, like economy or art, leading to simple and classy designs. One specific characteristic tough, was the use of geometric, simple figures that made bedroom furniture more comfortable and practical

Colors used in the 1930’s

Most used colors during 1930’s were the earthy ones, like coffee browns or  cool creams, mixed with small lines of stronger colors for contrast and a better effect on people.

Light and shadows were used for the design of a bedroom, according to one’s personality. By the time the middle classes afforded to buy electric home features, everyone was using lighting for decoration. It became an expression of intimacy and comfort. Rich red was a common choice too, and even bedspreads and upholstery were bought in shady colors.

 The use of synthetic fibers

If you want to design a 1930’s bedroom, first you have to know what types of material existed during that period. Even though quality hardwood and cotton stuffed upholstery were still in use, synthetic fibers like plastic derivatives were gaining more appreciation. Some items considered nowadays vulgar or ostentatious, like acrylic lamps, were then referred to like fine pieces of furniture. One material that is most used today, polyethylene, was not even invented in the 1930’s.

Art Deco-the mix between Art Nouveau and English design sensibility

Two different schools of art and design brought to the public a new style, Art Deco. The first school, Victorian stylings of the English, was an expression of well-being and coziness with the use of ornate craftsmanship. The Art Nouveau furniture was hugely embellished, making it sometimes impossible to use, even though it showed a big appreciation for sculpture-like craftsmanship in woodcarving. With the Art Deco, the ornate figures were lost, maintaining well defined shapes and the feeling of coziness. The middle class saw in this furniture the possibility to compete with the upper class and the more expensive furniture they bought. Shortly it became a unique and most common style.

What led to Art Deco?

What made Art Deco so popular was not the intense publicity designers made in the 1930’s, but the fact that it made the mass production process faster and at better costs. Is simple, it takes more to carve a single embellished sofa than it does to just give it a sharp, geometric look. So, for a good business practice, everyone turned to Art Deco furniture, for its simplicity and defined shapes.

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