Borax - ant’s enemy

If the ant’s problem becomes very serious and everything you have tried to get them out of your house failed, you need to step up your offensive. You can call a specialized company to solve the problem or you may want to try the Borax method. This will help you save both time and money and it will also keep the insects away from your home.


  1. Try to find the areas with problems and then target them. The ants are usually attracted to areas where you keep food and humid places, like your bathroom and near sinks.
  2. Sprinkle a small amount of Borax along the back edges of the counters and near cabinets using a scoop. This is a safe method that will attract ants and make them eat the powder.
  3. Put Borax near windows and at your entrance doors. This will make the ants change their path and will keep them outside.
  4.  Make a small train of Borax around the edges in all of your rooms using a scoop.
  5.  After you solve the problem, clean deeply the remaining powder.
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