Building a headboard for a bed

When it comes to building a headboard for your bed, you can try something simple like an old door or something more complicated like carved wooden headboards. Here are a few headboard ideas for your bed:

  1. You can use an old solid wood door. You can buy one from a garage sale, repaint it to match the decor, and then just bolt it to the wall with flush mounts or just screw it to the bed frame.
  2. Upholster a piece of wood. Then cut a piece of foam to fit the dimensions of the piece of wood and glue it down. Wrap the foam with cotton batting and the cover it with fabric. You can use a staple gun to attach the fabric. Then attach the headboard with flush mounts.
  3. If you want to go for a country theme, use slats painted to make them look like a fence. Then staple or nail the pieces to the wall.
  4. You can also install a curtain rod at the top of the ceiling and allow fabric to flow down behind your bed. You can use a matching fabric for the windows.
  5. A nice solution is to refurbish an old headboard. You can sand it and repaint/re-stain it to make it look great again.
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