Characteristics of a federal sofa style

Having a neoclassical and refined design the federal sofa style was created in the late 1700s. If you want to find out more about this style you should go to an antique furniture store and ask for information.

The frame

The frame of a genuine federal sofa is usually thin in width and made of mahogany or cherry wood with a delicate curved design.

It is to be mentioned that rich families had a few pieces that had been painted gold or silver. The color of the frame is the main characteristic of a Federal sofa style.


Inspired from classic Greek and Roman architecture, the frame of the Federal sofa styles were etched with carvings. The manufacturers used many different models for etching, most of them inspired from nature: flowers, eagles, fruit baskets, etc.

Rich fabrics

Federal sofas are an expression of elegance. They were usually covered in high quality fabrics such as velvet. The colors used for the upholstery were dark purple, emerald green, ivory white, soft blue, burgundy and red.

Legs and arms

The legs of this type of sofa were covered in high quality fabrics and etchings; they had the shape of a square or a round with fluted legs. The footing may also include etching. The arms of Federal sofas had curved ornaments.

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