Characteristics of the Hollywood furniture design in the 1930s

The characteristics of the 1930s Hollywood design or Hollywood Regency are based on small-scale pieces of furniture covered in rich fabrics. This kind of furniture was usually placed in a room with strong colored walls and accessorized with draperies having oriental and art deco influences. The first people who applied this style were the set designers.


A Hollywood sofa is usually low and covered in rich materials such as silk or velvet. One can also add one or two pillows in the same color as the sofa or in a contrasting color.


Choose a chair with visible legs and Asian influences. The back of the chair should be made of bamboo. Side chairs usually have a Greek Key decoration. If you need more space to sit down, choose a combination of two armless stools that have no backs; the legs of this type of chair should be far from extravagant.


A Regency table style is usually based on curved lines and the surface is made of mirrored pieces, glass or lacquer.  Although they look very nice, Regency tables are small.

Other elements

An important accessory to take into account is the rug. Choose multiple pieces with rich patterns to mark out spaces. Rugs that imitate animal print or fur are a good option. Achieve colored paintings with shiny black frames and big or decorated mirrors for the walls. Use lamps with detailed ornaments or floor lamps that look like small columns.

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