Classic leather sofas

Leather sofas were used for the first time in Egypt and Arabia. During the crusades, the European people discovered that the leather couches were more comfortable than their ancestors. During time leather sofas became affordable to everyone not only to rich people.

Chaise Lounge style

Dating from ancient Egypt, the Chaise Lounge was very appreciated by the french nobility. This kind of sofa is very comfortable because you can use it both to sit or to lay . A Chaise Lounge can have six or eight legs.

Davenport style

The name of this sofa style comes from its manufacturer – A.H. Davenport and Company. The Davenport refers to sofas that can be transformed into a bed such as the Futons or any other sofa that has a back. Nowadays the A.H. Davenport and Company doesn’t exist anymore.

Knoll style

Dating from the 17th century, Knoll sofas aren’t very popular nowadays. They are characterized by adjustable side arms that are usually tied to the back and a maximum of two seats. Modern Knoll sofas have a greater visual impact than their ancestors.

Chesterfield style

The first chesterfield sofa was created in the honor of Philip Stanhope. This style of sofa is upholstered in buttoned leather and has the same height both for the arms and back.

Chippendale style

Chippendale or Camelback sofa’s main features are a vertical cushion and a middle hump along the length of the back. In the 18th century Thomas Chippendale introduced leather as upholstery for this sofa style.

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