Contemporary sofa styles

Contemporary sofas are characterized by simplicity in style and ornamentation. Usually, they are not made entirely of wood; metal is also used partially in their manufacturing.

Contemporary standard styles

Contemporary standard styles are the simplest and the cheapest sofas one can find.

A contemporary standard sofa is a stable and firm unit made of a base, a seating place and a back. Some styles feature removable cushions and no armrests.

Contemporary sleeper styles

As compared to standard sofas, contemporary sleepers are heavier pieces of furniture because of the bed frame, which is hidden under the sitting place. This sofa style can be converted into a queen size or a normal bed.

Contemporary convertible styles

Contemporary convertible sofas have a double function as well as a sleeper. They can be used as a piece of furniture or transformed into a bed simply by unfolding the cushions. Additional sleeping place can be added by reclining the back of the sofa.

Contemporary recliner styles

This sofa style is characterized by the fact that one or two parts of its back recline individually. A foot rest is also included to provide a higher level of comfort. A lined up seat cushion is available for each extensible part and for the foot rest. Usually, this type of sofa reclines when you lie down, but there are models that can be reclined and secured in this position.

Contemporary sectional styles

Sectional sofas consist of several units that can be assembled in different ways when decorating a living space. Contemporary sectional sofas have upgraded features such as the possibility to unfold the sofa and the presence of a foot rest for any reclining part. Sectionals that come with additional storage places or arm rests which can be removed are included in the category of home theater sofas.

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