Convertible sofa beds

The first sofa sleepers were not the most comfortable places to sleep during the night. Their structure was made of metal bars and covered with a thin mattress which was more than unpleasant to sleep on. Nowadays, furniture manufacturers have improved both the quality of the structures and the mattress of sofa sleepers.

Some of these styles include the futon, sectional-sofa bed and convertible.


A sleeper sofa can be easily transformed into a comfortable bed simply by removing the seat cushions. Instead of metal bars, modern sofas are made of strips of wood or metal; the mattresses are also improved to provide a high-level of comfort.


A convertible sofa bed is usually equipped with the click-clack system that helps transform it into a bed faster. Besides the fact that they can be easily moved from place to place, convertible sofas come in a multitude of colors and upholstery types. They are suitable for small living places because of their double function.


A futon sofa can be used as furniture during the day or transformed into a sleeping space at night. Some futon styles are improved with drawers and flip-top arms, thus creating additional storage unit. The mattresses are made of enclosed coil springs and stuffed with a thick layer of foam.


Sectionals are very popular because they are made of individual pieces which can easily become a large bed if necessary. These sofas usually have suitable cushioned seats that may be arranged in many different ways.

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