Different couch styles

The couch, also known as sofa, is the most important piece of furniture in an American house. Couches can be placed in any room you want and come in a variety of styles and designs.

Couch or sofa

To give a definition, we can say that a couch is a type of bench with an armrest on either side and generously upholstered.

The back and the seat feature cushions to provide comfort. Couches can vary in dimensions (6-8 feet long) and provide space for three people. Sectional couches are very popular because of their flexibility that allows you to arrange it in many different ways.

Convertible couch

Although traditional couches are very popular and comfortable, furniture manufacturers invented a new style that can be easily converted into a bed. Besides the fact that a convertible couch or a sofa sleeper is perfect for a nap, it adds available space to sleep when guests stay over night. This type of couch becomes a comfortable bed simply by removing the cushions and folding the back rest down. Although the common mattresses are comfortable, furniture manufacturers improved its qualities and aspect.


A loveseat is a smaller couch that provides space for only two people. Loveseats can be used individually if someone needs privacy while having a conversation with someone else or as an additional sitting place when playing cards with the neighbors. Loveseats can be used both inside and outside the house for several purposes.


The divan has the same use and style as a normal couch, but it is characterized by a lower back covered in fabrics. Although armless, the divan is very comfortable due to its removable pillows that can be arranged for a better support. It usually provides space for three people.


While in America the big and heavy couches predominated in almost any living space, European houses were decorated with a smaller type of sofa called settee. Although the seats and the back of this type of sofa are generously upholstered, the settee is more a decorative piece of furniture than a relaxation place. Modern settees are covered in rich patterned fabrics that strike the eye; the armrests feature a lot of details. Settees can be placed both inside and outside the house. It usually provides space for two people.

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