Different sofa styles

When you decide to achieve a small sofa don’t think that this style won’t provide the same comfort and good-looking aspect. Besides the fact that they are very popular and will not crowd your space, there is a large variety of small sofa styles to choose from.


The difference between a loveseat and a common sofa is the size.

While a loveseat provides space for two people, measuring almost 60 inches, the size of a common sofa gets to almost 90 inches.

Apartment sofa

As compared to a loveseat, an apartment sofa is bigger, measuring about 84 inches. It is suitable for apartments because they do not occupy too much space. Besides that, one can achieve an apartment sofa and assemble it inside the room to place it. The fact that the sofa comes in sections it makes it easier to get through the doors and small or narrow spaces.

Sectional sofa

Sectional sofas are very popular because they can offer a variety of combinations that can improve the aspect of a small living place. One can choose and combine chaises, corners, armless chairs, etc. Sectional sofas are very easy to move and can get easily through small places and hallways.

Custom sofa

If you live in a small place and a normal sofa doesn’t fit, a custom sofa is the best choice for you. Before purchasing a custom sofa you need to know that it is quite expensive and implies a lot of time and patience.

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