Different styles of sofas

Although there are various sofa types to choose from, one should take into account the fact that certain styles don’t fit in a living space with an improper theme while other styles fit almost everywhere. The comfort and the durability of the sofa are also important aspects to take into account.

Settee style

If your room is decorated with antique pieces of furniture, a settee is the perfect choice to complete the design.

Although a settee is not very big as compared to other sofa styles, it is very comfortable for two people. It usually has no individual cushions and its frame is made of carved wood.

Sectional style

Sectional sofas are very popular due to their flexibility. They can be easily adapted to different architectural styles and places. Because sectionals are quite large, they are proper for big families and large rooms. A complete set usually comes with a chaise lounge included.

Bridgewater style

The Bridgewateror English sofa is considered to be very comfortable due to its deep floppy cushions. The back of the sofa is higher than the arms and the legs are uncovered. A Bridgewater sofa fits best in a room decorated with classic pieces of furniture.

Lawson style

This sofa style features straight lines and square backs and arms; it provides space for three or four people. Lawson sofas are suitable for almost any decorative style but they work best when placed in a room with contemporary furniture. It is to be mentioned that the seats of the Lawson sofas are very comfortable.

Slipper style

Slippers are smaller armless sofas having a straight back. They are suitable for small rooms and living places that are decorated with modern or contemporary pieces of furniture. Slippers are nice looking sofas, but not very comfortable.

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