Easy methods to get rid of flying ants

Even if the problem of flying ants occurs only a few times a year, we always look for new methods to get rid of them. In the following lines, we will find out how to destroy them completely.


 When the weather is nice and conducive for their occurrence, female ants sprout wings, traveling with males on different distances. This happens rarely during a year with the purpose of swarming and setting out new colonies. Once the female has chosen her partner and mated with him, she falls to the ground and her wings lose their ability to fly. Males on the other hand fall to the ground and die after mating. So, killing them before new colonies appear reduces the risk of a future invasion.

2. The easiest method to destroy flying ants is to smash them with a newspaper. When the ants gather in small amounts in an open window, shut it down and kill them all. But when there are a large number of ants, you can get the help of an aerosol spray specially made to kill ants. Another effective and easy way is to mix soapy water in a spray bottle and use it on the ants until they die.

3. If you find ants colonies outside your house, try to kill them as soon as you can. This way you prevent breeding and a potential invasion in the future.

4. You can also buy a special spray to kill ants, but it is not recommended if you have children or pets. Better use a home made method.

5. A checked method to prevent an invasion consists in mixing a half teaspoon of honey, borax and aspartame and sprinkle over each ant mound. When the ants come in contact with the mixture they will transport it to the colony, killing them all.

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