Eccentric sofas and couches

To better understand which are the common features of traditional sofas and couches one should know what these word mean. The term “sofa” comes from the Arabic “suffah” which means a bench covered with pillows and blankets. On the other hand, the term “couch” is derived from “couche” (French) and describes a piece of furniture without arms.

Usual sofas have two arms and a symmetrical back; couches have only one arm or no arm at all and a back that narrows gradually. But there are also unusual couches or sofa styles that need to be mentioned.

Modern materials

Unusual sofas can be made of different kind of strange materials that are usually chosen for their large availability. One can always find old mouse pads or stuffed animals to create a unique sofa. A coffin sofa, one of the freakiest, is actually made of a real coffin. One can also use egg cartons or any other unusual material for a sofa.


As well as the materials, the themes used for these couches and sofas are also unusual. The most popular are the themes representing animals. A lion sofa for example is covered in fake fur, imitating exactly the original one. Unusual sofas are also made of very big Lego pieces, specially created for this purpose. A sofa representing a monster is also eccentric.

Sofa Chairs

Different elements belonging to chairs and sofas are put together to create unique pieces of furniture. Besides the fact that they are strange and unusual, sofa chairs are very comfortable and useful. An unusual style is also illustrated by sofas representing a pair of lips or a musical note. A puzzle-piece sofa chair is unusual and funny at the same time because the pieces can be removed and rearranged into a different furniture piece.

Eccentric styles

One of the most outrageous sofa looks like having arms and legs and climbing up the wall. Two sofas placed one over the other is another example of bizarre piece of furniture. Another unusual example is the pool sofa in which the seat cushion is represented by a real mini-pool of water.

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