Finding free bricks

Here’s how you can get free bricks and start building something for your own.

1. The easiest way to find free bricks is to look for ads, newspapers articles, bulletin boards, or any other source from where you can get a chance for finding free bricks.

You can also search the internet. Another way is to start and look for construction sites. There may be a lot of bricks there for you, especially if buildings are demolished. Getting rid of these materials is quite expensive so you can just go and talk to the right person and maybe you’ll have a chance and get all the bricks.

2. If you find such a place, go and speak with the job foreman or superintendent, and tell them that you are looking for bricks and you’ll be glad to haul any unwanted bricks away without any charge. Make sure that you talk to the right person.

3. Also, you can look for spare bricks. Builder buy bricks in large quantities because they don’t want to be left without any, and because bricks don’t have the same color if they are produced by a different manufacturer or even if they are from another run. This is why they buy up to 20 more bricks then they need. Most of them end up buried because it’s quite expensive to get rid of them. So this is another opportunity for you .

4. If you are permitted to come and get the bricks, then you should stick to the builder’s schedule. Haul the bricks immediately after he says you can get them. Always announce the builder if it’s going to be a delay. Stay out of the way of the workers and you should ask to get them in a day when nobody’s on the site.

5. If you need even more bricks, then you can just ask the builder for any other future constructions. Of course that you will have to be punctual and serious and make a good impression. Be patient because you may have to wait even a few weeks.

6. You can also go for a demolition site. The thing is that these places are very dangerous and not many contractors will let you on the site. You will need special approvement and insurance. If you don’t make a business out of bricks, it’s better not to go on these sites.

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