Free your house plants of gnats

Gnats are small, disturbing insects that often burst in our homes attracted by food or some kind of plants. If it happened to you, first recognize and eliminate these plants.

Here are some ways to free your house of gnats:

  1. You can buy a safe garden and fruit insect killer in any home improvement store or general retail store.
    Spray it on your house plants or garden. Don’t use any pesticides in presence of children.
  2. Is well known that gnats lay their eggs on the top layer of the soil, so, by using a shovel, take away this top layer of the house plants and place new soil instead.
  3. Most gnat adults gather near windows and doors. By spraying these areas with insect killer you exterminate the adults and don’t allow them to lay new eggs.
  4. You can mix some dish washing soap with the water you use for watering the house plants. The soap will help eliminate gnats without harming the plants.
  5. Make a trap for gnats by pouring cider vinegar in a bowl and covering it with clear plastic in the middle of which you previously made a small hole. Cider vinegar will attract gnats that will be trapped inside. Empty the bowl and repeat the procedure. Don’t worry; you will get rid of them in time.
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