Furniture during Baroque period

Baroque furniture is characterized by French, English and Italian influences and details. It has an elegant and dazzling style, decorated with refined ornaments. If you want to integrate a piece of Baroque furniture into your modern house you have to know how to combine these two different styles.


 The Baroque furniture design includes rich details, exaggerate decorations such as very big columns and religious symbols (the cherubs). All these details are used to create a massive piece of furniture.

Curved shapes

 The Baroque furniture was characterized by curved lines and rounded edges. This style was used in the production of sofas and chairs to make them more comfortable. The rooms and parlors belonging to rich people were often decorated with this kind of furniture.

Walnut woodwork

 Walnut became very popular during this period because it created a warm look to any woodwork. As compared to walnut wood, darker colors and nuances made a space look enigmatic and very big.

Caning and cross-banding

 Caning and cross-banding are two details incorporated in Baroque chairs design. It is to be noticed that the English Baroque architecture preferred inlaid elements, cross-banding and veneering to cover decorations and ornaments.

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