Genuine Chesterfield sofas

The first Chesterfield sofa was produced in the 1700s. Since then, it has become very appreciated by the buyers in the whole world. A Chesterfield sofa is covered with high quality tufted leather, its arms are rolled and its nails are covered with brass.

If you want to achieve a Chesterfield sofa you need to know that there are some characteristics that can help you identify a genuine one.

  • An authentic Chesterfield sofa has to be tufted with layers of premium quality horse padding. This kind of horse padding was used to upholster the best furniture by German manufacturers. The cushions of a Chesterfield sofa are made up on the same principle as the sofa itself.
  • Look and touch very carefully the leather. A real Chesterfield sofa is made of aniline leather. The aniline leather is colored by introducing it into a dye bath. This way it keeps its natural texture.
  • The next thing to do is to observe the sofa’s legs. They should be made of high quality mahogany wood. A genuine Chesterfield sofa should also have a beech or a birch frame constructed manually.
  • A Chesterfield sofa is covered in leather that is buttoned down to the sofa itself. Rolled backs and scrolled arm are other characteristics of this sofa style. Smaller details such as tacks or buttons were usually made of or covered with of brass.
  • Although there are several manufacturers that sell Chesterfield sofas, a genuine one needs to have a label of authenticity placed beneath the couch. You should also look for a serial number and ask for a guarantee card. This will offer you the possibility to repair your Chesterfield sofa for free if needed.
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