Get rid of ants the natural way

When you’re having problems with ants, first of all you need to know with what type of ant are you dealing for. Follow these steps to prevent them from ruining your garden and holiday.


  1. Determine the cause why they have come to your garden.
    Remove all food, water and housing that they may use.
  2. After each meal be careful to clean the food and then take all trash out of your home.
  3. Put the outdoor trash as far from your home as possible.
  4. When throwing food, be careful to rap it up very tight.
  5. In the summer, refrigerate perishable food. Fruits and vegetables spoil quickly in the summer.
  6. Remove all the little pools of standing water from your backyard.
  7. Seal up cracks with silicon caulk.
  8. You can also use powdered red chili pepper, paprika, dried peppermint or borax to seal cracks.
  9. Get rid of aphids, white flies and mealybugs from your garden. They secrete a honey residue that is great for the ants.
  10. Spray sticky barriers on trees and plants. This way the ants can’t get up to feed.
  11. Blend citrus peeling and water and then pour the mix over ant mounds. This acts like a repellent.
  12. You can also pour boiling water over the anthills.
  13. Be careful with fire ants. These can be a real pain. Their mounds can have 2 feet height and they have a terrible bite. Also they can easily destroy your garden. It’s better to call a professional if you have to deal with them.
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