Going green on a budget

If you decide to go green, not only that you will help the environment, but also you will help yourself. You will pay less money on electric bills. Going green doesn’t mean that you need to replace all appliances in your home.

Here’s how you can go green on a budget.

1. The first thing you can do is use natural light whenever it’s possible. Open window coverings during the day time. If you have some big rooms, you use some special lighting fixtures that can spread the light through all the room, without using more than one light source. When you work, use a table light or desk lamp and turn off the lights in the room. You can also replace your classic light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs. They use less energy and also they last longer.

2. Letting the windows uncovered may warm the room too much and may cause the AC to start more often. For this problem you can buy some window film that will stop the heat from getting into your house. It will also protect your furniture from sun exposure.

3. Another thing you can do is buy second hand furniture. These old pieces of furniture will contain less chemical gases from the manufacturer because most of them have been absorbed in the atmosphere. Because you are buying from local stores, the furniture won’t be delivered across country.

4. When buying new pieces for your home decoration, be sure to buy ones that are made from natural fibers: cotton upholstery, bamboo-linen pillows, wool rugs. These materials are biodegradable and thus making them better for the environment. You can also buy products made from recycled materials. Bio paint can also be found on the markets. They are very low in harmful chemicals.

5. You can also replace your electrical appliances with new greener ones, that use less energy. If you can’t afford newer appliances you can always turn the temperature on the fridge higher, the temperature of the water heater down. Set your washing machine to use cold water and use less of it.

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