Growing your own strawberries

If you want to have fresh fruits in your garden, then strawberries are the ones you need to choose. If you don’t know how to grow them, follow the instructions.


  1. The first step, surely, is buying the strawberries.
    You can either buy them from a local nursery or from a catalog. If your doing the last one, then be sure they are disease-free certified. This is no joke. Strawberries can catch deadly viruses for your garden.
  2. Now, choose a site that has good drainage, and that gets full sun from the morning until the evening. If you don’t have a good drainage on your site, then it’s best to grow them in raised beds or containers.
  3. The planting bed should be of 12 inches of depth. Remove any trace of grass and other plants and then dig the compost. Strawberries need fertile soils to grow properly. Also the soil’s pH should be a little acid: 5.5-5.6.
  4. Now, plant the strawberries in holes of 5 inches wide and deep enough for the roots. Put the strawberries into the hole, with the crown just above the ground level. Be sure the roots are completely buried.
  5. If you want easy maintenance, use the “matted row” method. This means that you’ll have to plant the strawberries 18 inches apart in rows three to four feet apart. Each plant will send out a runner, with each runner producing a new baby plant.
  6. You will need to keep the rows open. This means that after every harvest you should remove the outermost plants from the sides of each row. You can use a mechanical tiller for this job.
  7. Leave the youngest plats on the row, removing he mother plants, once in a while. Plow the plants after the first harvest and start over the next spring.
  8. If you have limited growing space or you want the plant bed to last longer, then you should use the “hill” method. This means setting the plants 12 inches from one to another, in rows or cluster.
  9. Remove the runners as soon as they appear. This help them direct all their energy to fruit growing.
  10. The first year it’s best not to let any new plant grow, regardless of the plating method.
  11. All strawberries, regardless of kind, love the same conditions. If you want large quantities at once, for preserving, then you should harvest the classic types. They can be harvested in June or mid summer.
  12. If you want a constant harvest of fresh strawberries all summer, then “day-neutral” types are for you. Also, “ever-bearing” types produce two harvests a year – June and late summer.
  13. Ever-bearing types are an exception for the no-first-year fruits. You should pinch off the blossom until midsummer, after that the plants should be ready for their autumn harvest.
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