High back modern and traditional sofa styles

High back sofas have become very popular during the last few years because they create a maximum level of comfort. Although there are various types of sofas in almost any furniture store, they usually have a low or a medium back that doesn’t provide a complete relaxation. From couches to chairs and beds, the high back upholstered furniture gains more and more fans.

  This style has influenced not only modern furniture, but also the traditional one. Besides this aspect, people are attracted to furniture that is also soft and has a nice color.


Although the wingbacks style had disappeared for a long time the furniture manufacturers started to produce it again for a few years. As the name suggests, this type of sofa has a curved back that extends as a pair of wings, thus creating the arms. The Camelback and curved wings sofas can be included in this traditional category. The modern wingbacks sofas have horizontal backs and oblique wings.

Mid- Century modern

From 1950s until the 21st century, the square-shaped sofas have been very popular among people in the wide world. But, because these styles of sofas had become monotones, the furniture manufacturers introduced new details to improve their aspect. The back of a Mid- Century modern sofa may be higher than the head – level; the arms are also higher than the shoulder’s level.

Traditional combinations

             One can improve the aspect of traditional common furniture including modern details such as a high back or arms. Traditional combinations can be realized in many different ways. Various types of fabrics and colors can be used to upholster a piece of furniture.

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