Home security fixes with little money

A little common sense can protect your home even better than an expensive security and monitoring system. Cheap security fixes are often great for protecting your home, and why not take advantage of it.

Lighting systems

Exterior lighting is very important in protecting your home.

A dark home is unsafe and it offers a great advantage for burglars. Install timer lights in places that are dark and shady. Also keep porches, entryways, and walkways lit at night.

Locking systems

Door and windows are the most exposed areas of your home, so it’s very important to add new locking systems to those. Sliding glass doors can be barred with a wooden or metal rod. Also protect your garage door with a bolt or rod.


It’s important to keep your trees trimmed because they can offer easy access to door and windows from the second floor. Also to prevent having places where intruders may hide, trim the shrubs and bushed near the house.

Valuable items

Avoid keeping valuable items in plain sight. Also if you buy things, do not unload them in direct view of your neighborhood.


You can also find cheap home alarms. Search on the internet or on your local newspaper. You can also buy second hand alarms. Used alarms are very cheap and will protect your home, even if they do not have a monitoring service attached.

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