Homemade repellents for spiders

You want to free your home and garden of spider infestations? Use some homemade repellents and follow some advices of how to keep them away.

Spider repellent recipes

The majority of spiders are harmless for humans; they maintain the insect population under control, by this being beneficial. However, most people hate the idea of having a spider in their home.

So, in order to get free of spiders is better to use natural repellents such as oils extracted from plants, fruits or herbs. Some examples can be: citrus fruits, cloves, citronella, lavender, tea trees, peppermint or cinnamon. All those oils are very cheap to buy and you can find them in any health food store.

After you mixed any of these oils with a little bit of liquid detergent and water pour it into o spray bottle and spread it around doors and windows, on cobwebs and everywhere around your garden and lawn. The advantage of this repellent is that is safe for children and pets and has a nice smell.

A natural repellent can be the mixture of white vinegar and coconut oil. Be careful because some of these oils can leave spots, that is way is better to test it first on a small surface.

Another effective mixture for exterminating spiders can be produced by boiling in water some chewing tobacco or soaking pipe. After you strain it mix one part of liquid soap and two parts of tobacco-infused solution and spread it on cobwebs. Be aware that tobacco is a toxin, so is not safe for children or pets.

You can try scattering whole chestnuts, parts of oranges or ground cloves in places where spiders have been sighted.

Alternative ways and means to prevent spider infestations

First, you can suck up spiders from your home by using a vacuum cleaner. Ban all entries by covering all splits in the foundation or holes in windows. Furthermore, avoid any thick plant growth, stacks of debris and woodpiles close to your house. Spiders are attracted to dark, cluttered places, so all the things above can draw them to your home.

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