How to choose the perfect slipcover for a sofa

Slipcovers are very useful items that can make an old sofa look like new. They can be also used if you need a change for your sofa or if you want to protect its upholstery. Besides the fact that you can buy several slipcovers to replace them from time to time, they can be easily removed and washed.

Slipcovers are suitable for almost any sofa style or chair.

Scroll arm sofas

A custom-made slipcover is the perfect choice for a scroll arm sofa. If your sofa does not have a tight back and features seat pillows, the perfect slipcover should be made of one part for the frame and individual parts for each pillow. A traditional slipcover is not proper for a sofa that features visible legs and skirted bottom. A ready-made slipcover is usually made of one big piece of fabric that covers the whole sofa and is tied up to keep it still.

Box-style sofas

If you own a box-style sofa, a custom slipcover will fit perfectly. This slipcover model has a stable seat and back and usually creates a refined aspect to the sofa. If you want to emphasize the boxy style of your sofa sew a thin piece of material in an opposite color to hide the seams. Do not use slipcover with leather, velvet or plastic upholstery.

Studio couches

Because studio couches are characterized by simplicity they need slipcovers that have soft edges. If you want to give your sofa a special look, you can use contrasting piping. This type of slipcover is also suitable for sofas that are made of several units.

Sectional sofas

Because sectional sofas feature the same type of arms as other sofas, a custom slipcover will fit best. This custom made slipcover will dress perfectly each section of the sofa. If the cushions are not as firm as they were at the beginning, fill them with new foam or batting. Most cushions are very flexible because they can be refilled when needed.


Besides the fact that they are not expensive at all, slipcovers can give a new aspect to an old piece of furniture. You can also replace them from time to time if you own several pieces; they can be easily cleaned. Do not use slipcovers if your piece of furniture is covered in much stiffed fabrics or if the upholstery has an adhesive back.

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