How to decorate your house in a bohemian style

The term” bohemian” was used in the past to denote the Czech people and their language. Nowadays, bohemian refers to an interior design style in which antiques items, such as elaborated arrangements, patterns and colors are mixed with modern pieces. Plants and candles are important ornamental items in a bohemian design style.

This elegant and ingenious type of decoration was characteristic for the 1920s and the 1930s.


There is no rule if you want to create a bohemian decor into your house. You can buy a stylish red sofa and add a few bright colored pillows to denote originality. An old piece of furniture ca be painted in different and multiple colors to give it a bohemian air. Use also a pattern to create new colored shapes and designs on your furniture.

Colors and textures

If your house has a neutral background, any color or texture can be used to create a bohemian style. Strong colors and rich textures are representative for this style design. There is no rule when using colors; they can be combined in any different way without restrictions.


The main characteristic of bohemian artwork is represented by collage. Achieve a big painting canvas and cut out articles and pictures from newspapers or magazines; pieces of different fabrics can also be used. Glue them on the painting canvas and use a coat of decoupage sealer to complete it. You can also use an old or a modern painting that you like. To make your creation look like being ancient, complete it with a layer of golden over-glow.


When it comes to lightening it does not matter the shape or the color of the light source. It’s all about creating a diffuse effect. You can use opaque or yellow bulbs to produce a warm glow.


To decorate your house in a bohemian style use only hardwoods for flooring. Because usually solid wood is cold, you can achieve one or two rugs to partially cover it; a rag or a wood rug is the perfect choice. You can find one to a furniture store.

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