How to destroy ants with non-chemical products

Nowadays, everyone uses dish detergent and Borax, but only a few know that they are the cheapest and the safest ants’ destroyers. The first one has a quick effect, while the second has a long-term action. Believing that the powder is some kind of nourishment, ants feed the whole colony and the queen, killing them at once.

The advantage of these ants’ killers is that they can be found to any market or store near your house, being at the same time, harmless for your family’s members.

How to do it

  • The easiest way to destroy ant’s colonies is a mixture of Dawn dish soap and warm water sprayed right on the insects. Every time you see ants, sprits them and that will be it!
  • Other method to get rid of the ants is by removing switch plates in your house.
  • Put a half teaspoon of boric acid and place it wherever the ants are frequenting, especially near electrical outlets. When the insects pass by, the powder sticks to their feet, thus taking it to the nest and feeding the other members of the swarm. For good results, repeat the action every three to six months.
  • Put boric acid in bottle caps and place them in the areas where you have seen the offending ants, especially around water sources, near garbage cans and wherever you keep food and sweets.
  • Mix a quarter cup of sugar with a quarter cup of honey and heat it until the sugar melts down, stirring continuously. Then, gradually add the same quantity of Borax stirring gently.
  • Pour the sweet mixture onto the ant mounds to attract them. The borax will kill them and their queen immediately. The advantage is that you can keep the mixture for about two weeks, inside your house.
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