How to destroy Palmetto bugs

Anyone who lives in the South America knows that Palmetto Bugs or American cockroaches are disturbing pests that grow to two or three inches in length, can fly and walk on ceilings. If you don`t want to use chemicals that could harm your family or pets, try to get rid of these bugs by starving or by sweeping them out.


  1. Try to seal off every possible entry point into your home.
    Any hole in your house should be filled up with screen mesh or duct tape. All your weather-stripping should be nailed to keep the bugs away. Cover all cracks around the house or windows or even the roof if there are any palm trees growing near by. When you don`t use the drains, don`t forget to plug them off.
  2. Do everything you can to remove their habitats. Usually, they like to hide in tall grass, wood, patio rugs or any other cool damp places. Cut the branches of your palm trees if they hang over your roof.
  3. Do not kill Palmetto bugs stepping on them – it is very unpleasant. Use a broom to hit them and get them out of the house or vacuum them up. Also, try to vacuum some Borax to kill the bugs inside your vacuum bag.
  4. Another method to keep the bugs out of your house is by starving them. Clean up your house meticulously, insisting on the kitchen. Don`t let any food outside, specially over night. Even pet food should be removed. Use disinfectant to clean up the floor and other surfaces. Potted plants and fish tanks are also a source of water for Palmetto bugs; try to remove as many water and food sources as possible to avoid a bug invasion.
  5. Buy “roach hotels” from store, but make sure they are big enough to house a Palmetto bug. Place the trap near sinks, stoves and kitchen cabinets. Check them out regularly and move them from place to place. Remove the food from your kitchen in order to make the bugs eat the liquid bait in the traps.
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