How to get rid of raccoons

These creatures of the night can be lovely in their natural environment, but when they barge in human’s territory things change. Raccoons start digging in your garden, spreading the garbage and stealing your pet food. And if they find food once, they will return for sure.

In order to keep them away you can use home pest control products, but a better option can be the use of some homemade raccoon products.

Some methods of keeping raccoons away from your home

  1. If you want to defend your plants from raccoons follow a recipe approved by the Larimer Humane Society in northern Colorado. In one gallon of water add a small bottle of hot sauce or Tabasco or one can of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of dish washing detergent for better adherence. After the mixture is ready spray it on your plants, trees and garbage cans. Don’t forget to wash very good every fruit or vegetable you harvest from the places you sprayed the liquid.
  2. The hot pepper repellent comes from the City of Lakewood, Colorado and uses one tablespoon of Cayenne pepper, one chopped Jalapeno pepper and one chopped yellow onion, boiled for 20 minutes in two quarts of water. When the mixture cools, strain it through cheesecloth and spray the remaining liquid everywhere. Is very good against any wildlife if it’s applied once at every 3 to 5 days.

Other useful instructions

In order to keep raccoons away from your home be sure that you didn’t left any food at the reach of these animals by locking the lids on your garbage or placing some bricks on top of it. Take all pet food and close all doors and ways of access to your house and chimney. But, if one did entered your attic or chimney, don’t try to chase it away on your own, if it’s a baby and you take him away, the mother can make more damage. Is better to seek professional help.

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