How to harvest Rhubarb

Rhubarb is known for its medicinal and culinary uses. Although most of the people have eaten rhubarb pie at least once in their lives, few of them know that this plant has many other uses. For example, the stems of the rhubarb contain a lot of vitamins (A, C), fibers, and calcium and also it is very rich in calories.

 You can also use rhubarb to emphasize the fair color of your hair if you are blond. Take care not to eat the leaves of the plant because they contain oxalic acid, a toxic substance used to make pesticides.

Steps to follow:

  1. The harvesting time for rhubarb starts at the end of May until the last month of the summer. The rhubarb’s stems need to be checked out periodically, beginning from May.
  2. If the stems have a proper height (12 – 18 inches) you can start picking up the rhubarb. When ready, the rhubarb stems may have a green or dark red color.
  3. Pull a stem gently as close as possible to the base of the rhubarb while twisting to make sure it comes away from the center of the plant. You’ll know that the rhubarb is ready if you can pull it away from the base fast. Cutting the stems is not recommended.
  4. Never harvest all the stems of the plant. Pick up only the biggest stems; they will be replaced by new ones quickly, thus increasing the harvest period.
  5. Don’t allow your rhubarb to bloom because it will consume a lot of energy to produce seeds and not stems. Still, if the rhubarb started producing seeds, the stems will become inedible.
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