How to have a healthy Money Tree

Used in feng shui to attract prosperity, the money tree, or the Malabar chestnut, has its origins in the swarms of South America. Growing up to 15 feet long and having a leaf spread between eight and ten feet, the money tree do not survive to temperatures below 28 degrees F. An advantage is that money tree is resistant to pests and diseases, which makes it easy to care.


The soil for the money tree must be very well drained and full of nutrients. To plant your money tree use a suitable flowerpot; take care to change the pot every two years, according to its size. Generally, money tree prefers shady places, inside the house. If your plant changes color and looks unhealthy, move it to a place with filtered sunlight.

Water and fertilizer

Money tree needs water every seven to ten days. Do not let the soil get dry and also try to moisten the tree’s foliage with the help of a spray bottle filled with water (but never when it is placed in the sunlight). Try to keep your money tree into a humid place such as the bathroom. Taking into account the producer’s instructions regarding the amount, use fertilizer every time you water the plant. No fertilization is required during wintertime.

Winter care

Pruning is not necessary for the health of your plant. Money tree consists of five trunks; at their bottom sprouts several branches. Once the pattern of braiding was formed, you just have to follow it. When the branches sprouting from the top of the trunks disrupt, just remove them completely and they will grow back.

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