How to kill ants with wings

The problem of ants becomes serious only if they get inside the house, invading it. You have to get rid of ants with wings as soon as possible before they start to damage your home. There are several recommendations to follow.

  • Clean up your house, insisting on places where food was placed. For good results, use bleach.
  • Vacuum your carpets after you have dropped some baby powder on them. The ants will die inside the vacuum bag.
  • Take one cup of sugar and one cup of Borax and mix them together. Surround your house at the base with the poison. After eating this, the ants will die because of the Borax.
  • Place ant traps in your house, but take care to keep them away from places where children can reach. Wash your hands every time you get in contact with an ant trap.
  • Ants with wings are dangerous because they make nests inside wood and damage your house. They are very hard to get rid of. So try to get help from specialized people who can use strong chemicals to kill the ants.
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