How to maintain Victorian cast iron outdoor furniture

A piece of Victorian cast iron outdoor furniture lends an elegant air to any outdoor area. Even if it belongs to a past age, this kind of furniture looks likes being at home if placed in a contemporary garden. Usually it has very detailed ornaments and forms but this doesn’t keep the rust away.

It is very hard to see if a piece of this kind of furniture is a fake or not. Go to a respectable dealer if you want to achieve authentic Victorian cast iron outdoor furniture.

  1. History of the cast iron

Victorians started to use cast iron when they realized that it is easier to produce than wrought iron. They made a variety of architectural shapes using a lot of details to make their creations special and original.  At first they used cast iron to create fences and things like that but, during time, they created more sophisticated and elegant pieces of furniture.

  1. Outdoor Cast Iron Furniture

During the Victorian Age, cast iron furniture was used to decorate public spaces, although the metal was not cheap at all. After it was introduced to America, one could see iron cast benches in unusual places such as cemeteries. Cast iron furniture was very appreciated (and still is) during time because it had a lot of interesting details. For example, most of the outdoor cast iron tables, chairs and other objects had various decorative patterns inspired from nature.

  1. Maintenance

If you want to keep your Victorian outdoor cast iron furniture in a perfect condition use a few advice

  • you need to clean it up from time to time
  • use a waterproof cover to protect it during winter
  • take it inside the house during winter if its weight allows you
  •  uncover it or take it back outside when the spring comes
  1. Iron oxidation

If not protected from excessive humidity and air during winter, your furniture can rust. Rust means iron oxidation and can severely damage Victorian cast iron outdoor furniture. If you want to save it and keep it in perfect condition you can use some natural ingredients to destroy rust.

The first thing you need to do is to put on a pair of gloves. Put some white vinegar on the affected area and let it take effect. Clean it up with a wire scrub brush. Mix water with baking soda until the final product becomes a paste. Apply it on the affected area and let it take effect. Scrub the place with a brush.

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