How to transform the closet into your office

If you have a small house or apartment, you should try and use every space available. Even the closet. don’t underestimate it’s use.

You can easily transform it in an office, especially if the closet is part of your bedroom.

Preparing the closet

1. Clearing out the closet. Start removing all the things inside your closet. Start with the doors and hinges and tracks. Also remove shelves and hanging bars.

2. After you have cleared the closet, fill the holes left behind using your putty knife and some spackle.

3. Use sander and 100-grit sandpaper to smooth the repaired areas on the wall. Clean the dust after this.

4. You can now start painting the place. Also, it’s a good time to paint the sheet of lywood, the quarter round and the cleats.

Transforming the closet

1. Use the tape measure to measure the width and length of the closet. This should be done to better know the way you can put the furniture in or the appliances.

2. Measure the piece of plywood according to your needs and to the space of the closet, and then cut it out. Cut a circular hole in the back of the sheet to accommodate power cords and cables.

3. Mark a height of 30 inches on each wall and find the studs in the wall. Make sure that the lines are even.

4. Now install the 1×2 inches cleats, 5/8 inches below the place where the desktop will be.

5. Fasten the desktop with screws.

6. Install the quarter-round trim around the edges of the desktop. Finish off the job by filling the holes with spackle.

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