Identify classical sofa styles

Regarded as sophisticated architectural items, classical styled pieces of furniture can have various designs, but the same purpose. Their design is influenced, mostly by the Baroque period and, as the name suggests, they have a classical look.

 Ancient furniture style

Classically styled sofas are actually a copy of the Baroque furniture.

This sofa style is influenced by Greek, Egyptian and Roman designs such as:

  • The couches and beds have Roman influences;
  • The benches and beds have Egyptian influences
  • The sofas that can be transformed into beds have Greek influences.

The common characteristic of these designs is that this type of furniture was decorated with beautiful fabrics and animal skins.

Medieval furniture

Medieval furniture was an expensive style that only rich people could afford. The low classes could not buy chairs or couches because of the high prices. They used to replace them with benches and cheap seating. The manufacturers used almost no wood or upholstery for the medieval furniture. The Medieval sofa style is characterized by simplicity.

Baroque furniture

As it is known, classical sofas are actually a copy of the Baroque style which appeared for the first time in Italy and was influenced by the Catholic Church. This type of sofa differs from a Baroque style by the fact that it is decorated with carvings and the seats are covered in different fabrics.


Because classic sofas are based on symmetry and balance they have a sober look. The legs of this sofa style are usually tall and made of wood or metal. The sitting has a four-sided shape. The back is higher than the arms and the sofa are covered in different types of simple patterned fabrics.

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