Improve the aspect of an old leather sofa

During time a leather sofa can deteriorate and will not fit into your house. Buying a new sofa to replace the old one is not cheap at all. In order to save money you can replace the old covers of your leather sofa and make it look as new.

Before starting this action, you should repair any damaged area and clean every spot on your sofa.

How to do it:

  • If your leather sofa has an old aspect, all you need to do is to clean it up using a special leather solution. If you don’t have such a product or you can’t find one in a store, use a wet fabric and then apply a leather conditioner.
  • Replace the old leather covers with new ones. You can also replace the cushions if necessary.
  • Place protective furniture covering on your sofa. You can achieve a leather slipcover or other fabric. If your sofa has an uncommon style you can buy a slipcover that fits.
  • Ask the help of a specialized company to reupholster your sofa. Don’t try to do it by yourself because it is a difficult task to accomplish. But you can reupholster the cushions by yourself if needed because it is not very complicated.
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