Improve the value of an old house with little money

If you’ve decided to sell your old home, then you should be thinking about some renovation, if you do want to get some money over it. Here are some things you can do to improve the value of the house with very little money.


When working on the exterior, it’s not only the house that you need to worry about, but also the sidewalk and your garden.

Be sure to pull all the weeds that are growing in the cracks of the concrete sidewalk, from flowerbeds, and of course those around the house. Also mown the loan.

If you have empty harden slots, where flowers should have been, make sure you plant some grass, at least. it’s doesn’t look very nice.

If your house’s siding is dirty, just use a garden hose to remove the dirt. Also, power washing is a better alternative. You can rent it from any local home improvement store. Wash porches, patios, and decks. Windows need to be clean.

Increasing value may need actually getting rid of some elements. For example: old fences and awnings. Removing these items will give a nicer look to your home.


The most important thing you can do with the interior is clean it. Also maintenance and updates are required, but this is what give the finish look.

Send your carpets to a professional cleaning facility. They can remove stains and make your carpets look newer. Also check the floor beneath the carpet. If it’s worn then you should try and refinish it by yourself.

Check your window and door frames. Do they need painting? You can also remove all the paint and make the windows look even better. Revealing the wood will actually make it look better. Buy special removing agents and also wear safety wear.

Not only that windows need repainting or refinishing, but they need to be also functional. Some may be sticky so you need to sand them to make them slide better in their frame. Latches and locks need to be verified too.


Over the years, a house needs maintenance. You can avoid any problems by trying to make the repairs needed in their own time. For example, once a few months, use a drain snake and clean the pipes. This will prevent any drainage issues. Also you can clean dryer vents and furnace filters. Taking care of the appliances will also reduce the costs with energy.

If it’s the case or hard water, consider buying a water softener. This is more effective if you buy it as soon as possible. Hard water not only that will ruin your pipes, but also dishes, bathroom appliances, and also clothing.

Small things and details add more value to your home. You can add value even with a minimum budget.

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