Main sofa styles

A sofa is the main piece of furniture in a house or a public institution. There are many different types of sofas on the market that come in various colors, styles, designs and fabrics. Almost any furniture store trade the main sofa styles.

The prices can vary, depending on the characteristics and the customer’s demands.

English or Club sofa style

The Club sofa also known as English is characterized by a simple design. As compared to camelback style, the English sofa has a straight back. The curved legs present castors and are not covered by a skirt. The back of the sofa is straight and the armrests are rolled. The seat is tight and scrolled back.

Camelback sofa style

The camelback sofa style was created in the 18th century by the famous designer Thomas Chippendale. It’s main characteristic is the shape of the back that imitates the hump of a camel. The camelback sofa has scrolled arms and visible legs.

Sectional sofa style

Sectional sofas are very popular because they are made of several pieces that can be arranged in many different ways to decorate a room. Because sectionals are quite large, providing space for seven people, they are suitable for large rooms and big families.

Cabriole sofa style

Dating from the 18th century, the cabriole sofa is characterized by the fact that the back and the arms are designed in a continuous curved line like an individual piece. The curved legs of this sofa style are made of carved wood. Modern cabriole sofas may have the same height for the arms and backs; the arms may also be straighter than those of a traditional cabriole.

Chesterfield sofa style

As well as the cabriole, chesterfield sofas are characterized by a continuous curved line that joins the arms and the back in one piece. The main characteristics of this sofa style are crested backrests and arms that fold towards the back. Usually, Chesterfield sofas are covered in leather and occasionally, they present crested cushions.

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