Main types of sofas and couches

A sofa is usually the main attraction in a living room. Whether you want a traditional or a contemporary one, you need to pay attention when you achieve a sofa for your house. There are several colors, shapes and dimensions to choose from; it depends on you to achieve a comfortable and beautiful sofa for your house.


These types of sofas are very popular because they can be set up in many different ways such as an “L” shape or separated into two or more pieces. Usually sectionals are covered with leather or cloth and fit very well in a large room.

Club and Camelback sofa types

A club sofa can be recognized by its slightly rounded arm set back from the front of the seat and its short legs. It is a traditional type of sofa that is also named English. On the other hand the camelback sofa has high rolled arms and a twisted back. The legs can sometimes be covered by a skirt. The club and camelback sofas have a refined and traditional air.

Cabriole and Chesterfield sofa types

The cabriole sofa can be easily recognized by the fact that its arms are represented by the extension of the continuous curved back. This 18-th century French sofa has carved wood legs that can be curved or not. The arms of the sofa are also curved.

As compared to the cabriole, the chesterfield sofa has some English features such as high rolled arms and tufted back. The tufted seat of this kind of sofa has the shape of a long bench.

Lawson and Bridgewater sofa types

Lawson and Bridgewater styles are modern sofas with straight and squared lines if we talk about their arms, legs and back. A Bridgewater sofa has an elegant look with low skirted arms. It is inclined toward back. The main feature of a Lawson sofa is that its arms are lower than the back. Both Bridgewater and Lawson sofas are popular because they are modern and comfortable.

Other styles

When buying a sofa one has to choose one that is both comfortable and beautiful. For example, sleeper sofas are preferred because they can be used as a bed during the night and as a seating during the day. The only disadvantage is that this kind of sofa is quite heavy. Loveseat and chaise sofas are very popular due to their small size.

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