Mandevilla Vine Plant Care

Native to South and Central America, Mandevilla is a kind of perennial vine that grows well in areas where the temperature does not exceed 50 degrees Fahrenheit. It is an adaptable plant if cared properly during winter, surviving to different types of climate. Depending on the species, Mandevilla produces flowers of different colors and shades: pink, yellow, red or pink.

How to plant

The best moment to plant Mandevilla vine root is in the early spring, in a partially shady place and well drained. Before planting, put a tablespoon of NPK plant food with high phosphorus content (10-20-10) into the hole.

Mandevilla vine roots must be planted in a 5-inch hole covered with soil and a lot of water. Till it takes roots, water Mandevilla weekly. As it can grow very large, plants must have a distance of three feet between them.


Water your Mandevilla three times a week during springtime, summertime and autumn, while during winter, water it once a week, permitting it to dry a little. Too much moisture leads to root rot.

Plant food

Weekly, use a 10-20-10 fertilizer, but only a half amount from the quantity written in the instructions, otherwise the plant will have big foliage and few flowers. Before and after fertilization, water the plant to help spreading the nutrients into the soil. To avoid root burn, never let the fertilizer touch the plant directly.

Care during winter

During winter, if you choose to take the plant indoors, take off the soil around the roots, replace it by a soil made of one part peat moss, one part sand and one part potting soil and plant it into a flowerpot. Mandevilla needs water constantly and filtered sun lights. Take the plant back outdoors the next spring, but only when the temperature is above 50 degrees F. If you want to let a Mandevilla outside during winter, you have to replace it the following spring. In the areas where temperature stays above 50 degrees F, Mandevilla can survive outdoors all year long.

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