Mice extermination

Rats and mice are a real problem in every home. Not only that they carry diseases and can endanger your health, but they also damage furniture, carpets, cloths, almost everything in your house. They need to constantly chew in something and can also start fires by gnawing on electric wires.

You can determine whether or not you have mice from dropping signs, chewed wood, also you can identify them from their smell.

Rats and mice are attracted by food, and for them food means almost everything. They love garbage, compost, cat food, dog food, birdseed, fruits, vegetables, almost everything. They can live in any place, like basements, attics, can crawl through spaces 4 times smaller then their bodies, can fall from more than 50 feet and jump 10 times their size. They are really resistant little creatures.

If you want to get rid of mice problems, you will need to analyze your case. The method you choose needs to be good for your case. Consider children and pets. If you have any, it’s better if you use classic snap traps. Avoid poison.

There are a few mouse traps available:

  • snap traps – the well know mouse trap. They kill the animal almost instantly and they are very effective. Also they are very cheap.
  • glue boards – you need to apply the glue on some wood boards and then set them in the path of the mice. They will get stuck and starve to death or suffocate. The main disadvantage is that they die in weeks, and most likely you will need to kill them.
  • multi-catch traps – these are designed to trap more mice at once. They do not kill the rodent, instead they trap them so that you can set them free away from your house.
  • single-catch trap: like multi-catch traps, but only for one mouse.

Bait is very important, but because mice eat almost everything, it will be easy for you to find one. Put bits of fruits, or bacon and wait for it to come.

Always wear protective gloves when handling dead mice and rats. They may carry diseases. Wash your hands afterwards and disinfect the place where the mouse died.

There are may ways to prevent rat and mice infestation. Isolate your house. Cover and repair any crack on the outside walls. Pay great attention to spaces between the pipes that get in your house. Also cleaning your home and storing your food in special containers will save you the trouble of having to deal with mice. Never leave the dishes unwashed and also store your pet’s food in special cabinets or containers. Remove any bricks or fire wood from the proximity of your house. These can be great nesting places for rodents.

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