Mice infestation: prevention tips and extermination

Mice infestation can be a real headache and very difficult to deal with. But with the right advice, you can easily get rid of these unwanted rodents.

Conventional snap traps

These are amongst the most efficient mouse traps on the market.

They use bait to attract mice and a heavy gauge steel spring bar that kills the mouse. It instantly kills the mouse and also is easy to clean afterwards. They are very cheap. Always buy a lot more traps then you think you need. Wash them after catching a mouse.

Glue traps

These traps use a sticky substance to catch the rodents. These do not attract mice but are installed in their path and thus trapping them. The main disadvantage is that this trap doesn’t kill them. It may pass weeks until the mouse is dead. If you catch one, you will need to kill it yourself. The main disadvantage is that they are not toxic and represent no danger to children and pets.

Live traps

These traps do not kill the mice, just traps them so that you can dispose of them in another place. You will need to put food and water in the traps and install them in the places where the mice are living. After you catch them, be sure that you release them a long distance from your home, otherwise they will get back into your home.

Rodent poison

The poison affects the body’s ability to clot the blood and causes death by internal bleeding. If a mouse eats the poison, it can take up to 5 days for it to die. The problem is that mice can die in the walls and it will be hard for you to find them. Sometimes they smell and cannot be removed. Be careful when you use mice poison as it may be dangerous for children and pets. Also pets may consume the dead mice and also get poisoned.

Electronic mouse traps

Electronic mouse traps are a modern alternative to classic mouse traps. They kill the mouse with an electric shock. The trap is an incomplete circuit and when the mouse steps on the plate, it completes it, thus receiving a shock that will stop its heart. It is really easy to use and it operates off 4 AA batteries. They can be rather expensive.

Sonic pest control

These are quite remarkable rodent chasers. They use high frequency sound waves to prevent rodents from entering your home. They represent no danger to pets (as long as you do not have hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils) and humans. These devices are expensive and not always an efficient way to get rid of rodents. They usually do not work as the manufacturers say they will, and they do not guarantee that the mice will leave.

But from all these traps, the best way to deal with rodents is by isolating your house. Cover and repair any crack on the outside walls. Pay great attention to spaces between the pipes that get in your house. Also cleaning your home and storing your food in special containers will save you the trouble of having to deal with mice. Never leave the dishes unwashed and also store your pet’s food in special cabinets or containers. Remove any bricks or fire wood from the proximity of your house. These can be great nesting places for rodents.

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