Planting Mango trees from seeds

Growing a Mango tree from seeds in order to produce fruits is not such an easy task to accomplish if you don’t live in a warm area. Nevertheless, Mango trees are very nice and attractive houseplants which can grow big enough to embellish your garden during summertime.

Ways to grow Mango trees:

  1. Buy a mango fruit from the store but be careful to choose a big and healthy one.
    Don’t buy a random fruit just because it is cheaper.
  2. You can eat the fruit but take care not to damage the seed.
  3. Gently discard the big seed from the husk and clean it with some fresh water. Brush the seed easily and let it get dry for a few days.
  4. Open the husk very easy using a butter knife. You can search for a little opening inside if you cut a little slice around the rim of the husk. Open the pit and remove the seed.
  5. If you notice a root growing from the seed, take care not to break it. There is no problem if the root still hasn’t grown; it will in a short while.
  6. Put some quality soil in a six inch pot. Dampen the soil before planting the mango seed.
  7. Create a little hole in the center of the soil in the pot and place your seed vertically. Don’t forget to dampen the soil after planting.
  8. Don’t exaggerate with watering the soil. Let the pot in a warm area for about a week. Place a plastic bag over the pot; this will act as a little greenhouse. The seed will take root within seven days.
  9. Use some wet paper towels to sprout the mango seed. Place your seed and towels in a warm place, embedded in a plastic bag. When the roots are big enough, plant your mango in a pot and put it in a sunlit place.
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