Popular home styles of the 1930s

The beginning of the 20th century represented an important change in the architectural construction of houses in the U.S.A.

This happened because a large number of foreign people established in America. The Victorian and Edwardian architectures have become history since 1920; from 1930 everyone could choose the style they wanted for their house architecture.


In the 1930s the favorite house style was the bungalow. Later, in the 1950s the bungalow has taken on many different shapes and styles. A bungalow is a detached small house with one story. It is to be noticed that a bungalow is not a standard building; there are many different types of bungalows that have particular features. We can mention here ranch bungalow, California bungalow, Chicago bungalow, etc.

Prairie style

Credited to Frank Lloyd Wright, the Prairie style was very popular among people who lived in the Midwest and the Great Plains. A prairie house distinguishes itself by a flat or hipped roof and big, horizontal windows. The overhanging eaves are also a feature of the prairie style. The lines of the house remind of the prairie landscape.

Spanish colonial revival

The Spanish revival suggests an architectural movement in the 1920s and 1930s that influenced mainly the west. The outside walls of a Spanish revival house are made up of terracotta and the interior walls are made of stucco. The roofs are covered with clay tile. Interior design is represented by many iron decorations and big staircases.

Modern architecture

Nowadays, modern architecture refers mainly to very big and complex buildings that can almost touch the sky. But the first modern houses were built in the U.S.A.  at the beginning of the 1930 and were affordable only to the rich people. These houses had the shape of a box with big windows. Steel and aluminum were used to create the structure of the house; the roof was not arched at all.

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