Popular vinyl sofa colors

A sofa is the most important piece of furniture in a house because it provides both comfort and a nice aspect. A new trend in the architectural house design is represented by the vinyl sofas. Besides the fact that they are cheaper than leather sofas, vinyl sofas come in a multitude of colors and tones.


Brown is the natural color of real leather, but it is also used with vinyl. The difference is that vinyl brown sofas come in a multitude of tones such as beige, sand, chocolate, etc. Micro – fiber vinyl, a kind of suede imitation, is also used to upholster sofas.


White vinyl sofas are not very popular because they are very difficult to keep clean. Thus, one can find many different sofa styles and couches upholstered in white vinyl. There are also many different tones of white to choose from: bright tones, warm off whites or eggshell color. It is to be mentioned that the eggshell color is the most suitable for sofas because it doesn’t get dirty as quickly as pure white.


As compared to white, black is the most popular color used to upholster a vinyl sofa, although it makes visible even tiny spots of dirt. The owners have to clean a black sofa very carefully to make it look like new and to keep it that way. Black furniture is suitable for large and bright rooms because they create the illusion of a smaller place.


Available in different light or dark tones, gray is a neutral color that doesn’t create the illusion of a smaller or a bigger space. It can be used in combination with light or dark colors and shades. A gray vinyl sofa may have different traditional or modern textures.

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