Preventing rats and mice infestations

Heavy rains and low temperatures can drive rats and mice to seek for warmer places. They will try and find any crack in your home’s exterior so that they can get in.

There are a few things that you can do to prevent rats and mice infestation:

  • A clean house won’t be a good home for mice.
    Wash the dishes and keep your garbage in covered containers.
  • Food needs to be stored in special containers, sealed ones. Don’t leave food out overnight.
  • Do not store items like bricks of fire wood near your house. Also trim any bushes and plants that grow near your house.
  • Search for crack in your home’s exterior. Seal them immediately. Use metal sheets for a better seal. Pay extra attention to the places near pipes and vents, as these places are gateways for mice.
  • Any items that can represent a mouse nest should be remove from near your home.
  • Use poisons for rodents. Set baits and traps near the places you think are the main paths for mice.
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