Produce jalapeno peppers in your own garden

You want to eat healthy and save some money by harvesting your own vegetables? Start by learning how to cultivate Jalapeno peppers in your own garden. This is a mildly hot chili ideal for salsas, salads or guacamole.  The seeds begin to grow indoors and evolve into three-foot tall plants.


  1. First check your seeds and throw away the discolored or small ones. The simple reason for this is that these seeds have lower chances of germinating.
  2. Place ¾ of soil in your growing container and make a hole of about 1/8 of an inch in every cell by using your finger. Place here a seed and cover it with a thin layer of soil, not more than ¼ of inch because the jalapeno seeds will stop growing.
  3. The watering process is very important, the soil must be moist at every time, but without exaggerating. And is better to use almost the same amount of water during this process.
  4. Jalapeno seeds like humid, warm conditions, so maintain the seeds warm by putting a lid on top of the growing container. If you don’t have one, use plastic but don’t forget to make some small holes for air circulation. Furthermore, you can locate the container on top of the refrigerator or use a heat mat beneath it.
  5. After three to five weeks of growing you can take out the lid or plastic wrap and place a fluorescent light two inches above the tallest seedlings. This light help the seeds grow more.
  6. When the peppers grow more than 4 leaves, is time to change them to bigger pots, at a depth of more than 8 inches. Put every seedling in its hole, fill it 3.4 with soil and water it to make the soil moist. A soil reach in peat and perlite provides good air circulation and water drainage.
  7. Keep the seeds indoors for 6 to 8 weeks before you try to take them outside. You can’t place the pots outdoors at once because the change is too sudden. First take the pots outside for an hour every day for two weeks and only after this period leave them outdoors. Place it where the sun is brighter and ensure yourself no frost threatens to harm your seeds.
  8. When the plant will be 1 foot tall and will have a good root system, move it into a 5 gallon size pot and fertilize it every two weeks with special formulas for peppers at half-strength.
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