Queen Anne architectural style sofas

The name of this style comes from Queen Anne Stuart who reigned in the 18th century in England. Queen Anne sofas are very sophisticated pieces of furniture characterized by refinement and splendor.

Cabriole style

 During the 18th century, Cabriole sofa style was improved by introducing new elements.

The wooden legs had the shape of a claw and the color of wood used for decorations was mahogany. These beautiful sofas were decorated with carvings that were worked out manually. These features offered a maximum of elegance and refinement to a Cabriole sofa.

Button – tufted

 To give a sophisticated air, Queen Anne sofas are decorated with various types of textures and ornaments, usually in dark colors. These sofas were usually covered in different kind of fabrics that were button-tufted.

Camelback style

As the name suggests, camelback sofas imitate the humps of a camel. The back of the sofa is marked out by the scrolling camelback carpentry.

Loveseat style

 A sofa belonging to Queen Anne period was big enough to seat two adults or three kids. During this period small couches were not known under the name of “loveseat”. Thus, many Queen Anne sofas are suitable for large spaces and rooms.

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