Rounded arms sofa styles

Sofas with rounded arms are very popular because they are both comfortable and elegant. Traditional, Victorian and even Country sofa styles are featured with rounded arms.

Traditional sofas

Chippendale and Camelback styles are examples of traditional sofas that feature rounded arms and a rolled back.

Chesterfield sofa is also an example of traditional style with rounded arms and rolled beck equal in height; the upholstery is tightened with buttons. One can include in the traditional style elements such as: dense materials, visible legs, button-tufted upholstery, etc.

Victorian sofas

Victorian sofas are very easy to recognize due to their widely developed and refined style. They are characterized by rounded arms, elaborate elements crafted into the wood frame, visible legs and extravagant floral upholstery. This style design, having a feminine air, appeared during QueenVictoria’s reign (1837-1901).


Country style sofas are generally characterized by simplicity. These sofas feature big rounded arms, pleated skirts, checkered materials, etc. European and American country style are examples of sofas with rounded arms.


A transitional sofa is a mixture of both traditional and modern elements and designs. Although they have fewer details than the Victorian and Federal styles, transitional sofas are characterized by the fact that their backs are higher than their rounded arms and present cushions both for seating and for the back.

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