Storage solutions with little money

An organized home depends on efficient storage solutions. You can find easy and inexpensive solutions within your home or outside of it. Here’s how you can save money on home organization and storage solutions.

  • A nice solution is to use and recycle old food containers. Containers like ice cream and dairy tubs, mayonnaise, and jars, are great for storing different things. You can use them in your bathroom, kitchen, office rooms. You can change their appearance with wrapping paper and painting.
  • Using empty shoe boxes. You do not need to buy expensive boxes when you can use old shoe boxes.
  • Wicker baskets and straw baskets are great for homemade goodies. They are also great for fruits and snacks, in bathrooms, bedrooms.
  • Cardboard boxes can be used to pack home appliances, or for groceries. They can also be recycled if you need to get rid of clutter. Use big boxes for toys and apparel, and medium boxes for files, books.
  • Try to analyze object before you discard it and see if you can use it for another purpose.
  • You can buy used wicker baskets or boxes from garage sales.
  • For objects that will be stored for years, buy some proper storage bins.
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