Tempered vs non-tempered glass

Do you want a house with big windows? If you do, take care to choose the proper glass type. A very high window needs tempered glass. When you decide to use common glass, try to adjust the height of the window installation, otherwise it can be dangerous for your family and pets.

Tempered vs non-tempered glass

Tempered glass is usually used when there are improper conditions for untreated glass to use. This type of glass is a special glass that has been treated to be four or five times stronger than common glass. It is also safer because, if it breaks, it won`t shatter into many sharp pieces.

Tempered glass

The Code Check Complete: An Illustrated Guide to the Building, Mechanical, and Electrical Codes” by Redwood Kardon, says that tempered glass is required if the exposed area of one pane is bigger than nine square feet, the bottom edge is less than eighteen inches above the floor, the top edge is bigger than three feet and if there are one or more walking surfaces within three feet from the respective window. Untreated glass can be used instead of treated glass if not all conditions above exist.

Doors and windows

When it comes to doors, tempered glass is always required. As  compared to windows, doors are frequently used and usual glass can quickly break into pieces. The height of the door doesn`t decide the type of glass that needs to be used; all doors should have tempered glass to provide safety and protection.


Skylights are used to let natural light come into your house. Although their place is on the roof, far away from human activity, one never uses untreated glasses in a skylight. Only tempered glass is allowed because it is stronger and safer. Imagine what could happen if the glass in a skylight would break while raining or a tree branch would fall over it.

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